Fibremen 5: Invitation

International Fibre Art Exhibition “Fibremen 5” open to all professional male artists, working in fibre.

Fibremen 5 Invite Card 2015

Jean Pierre Avonts-Saint Lager (France), Don Burns (USA), Robert Burton (UK), Nigel Cheney (UK), Rodrigo Franzao (Brazil), Walter Gschwandtner (Austria), Viktor Gavryliuk (Ukraine), Steward Kelly (UK), Jean Millon (France), Robert Mosier (USA), Atobalo Fatai Oladimeji (Nigeria), Andrew Schneider (Ukraine), Aydin Ugurlu (Turkey), Ozcan Uzkur (Turkey)

“Fibremen 5” Opening:
October 22, 2015 16.00
Ukraine, Kherson, Str.Gorkogo, 1

International exhibition “Fibremen”, which takes place in Kherson, Ukraine featured male artists working with fibre. This exhibition is designed to broaden the awareness of male fibre art and consider their works within a broader context of art history.

The motto

The motto of “Fibremen” is devotion to textile art. The exhibition offered the viewer both visual and intellectual pleasures. The youngest participant of “Fibremen” is 21, the oldest is 73, which confirms the interest to this media of different generations of artists.

Fibremen used a variety of materials and techniques to create their art works. The sizes were from 25 centimeters to up to 3 meters.

Ludmila Egorova
Founder of the Internatiomal Exhibitions of Contemporary Textile Art “Scythia”
ETN Member
Member of the National Artists Union of Ukraine

Visit Scythia Textile website for more information:

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