#Holodomor85 #Голодомор85

Пам’ятаймо всіх, кого позбавили права на життя і майбутнє. 
В них забрали все, і залишили на одинці з голодом – їх вбили голодом.
Де б ти не був — вшануй!

Keep in mind them all who was deprived of the right to be alive and lost the future.
The strangers… They came to houses and took everything; they left them alone with hunger – they had starved them to death, … man-made famine…
Doesn’t matter where you will be – honor them all, the millions, who was killed by starvation.

Я назвав цю картину – Голод.
I called this picture – The Famine.

“Голод”, вишивка хрестиком
м.Львів, 2018

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